Why do women cheat with their husbands friends?

Can someone tell me, what is the deal with these women that live around here sleeping with their husbands friends. I know several of them that do it and it is appauling. I can't imagine why they do it and why they think that they can without getting caught. It seems like they never get caught though. I just wonder if any of you people out there know of any of these women and why they are getting away with it...


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What Girls Said 1

  • And I wonder why these "friends" sleep with their wives. Some people just aren't faithful people. That's what it happens.

    • It's wife pussy, which is damn near the best pussy. lol.
      All skills, no attachments.
      She's trying to "wham, bam" just like he is. :D

What Guys Said 2

  • It's too risky to stray far for some extra dick, so the friend is close to both parties, can come over the house without questions asked, and pretty much is the guy she should have ended up with but is stuck with the husband.
    It's the guys fault for not realizing it, I mean I get instincts when a girl I'm not dating is talking to other dudes online and the husband can't even suspect this shit? Dafuq.

  • If a friend was sleeping with my wife, I would beat him until he's unrecognizable.


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