How can I completely get over her?

Lets just say I had fallen in love with someone way out of my league. It all started with foolishly asking her out for a date to forget someone else and then not having guts enough to cancel. Anyway, my feelings got too strong at the end when she was about to leave my country forever. I never confessed to someone before, so I decided to experiment a little, thinking it would be easy to forget if things go wrong. I asked her out for a second date before she leaves. Turned out she never liked me, we had a little argument, I was forced to confess and after that we stopped talking with each other. Unfortunately, no matter what I do, I can't completely get the whole situation out of my head. She was my co-worker, and her memories are everywhere. I have recently overheard other co-workers making fun of me. More I remember what happened more I feel worthless and suicidal. What should I do to deal with the situation before I eventually change my job?


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  • Before you indulge in more worthless and suicidal thinking, keep in mind that dating co-workers its not the best idea and some people like myself hold myself to that rule since I consider it to be very important. You went and did it, and now messed up. So what?
    Use this as a lesson and learn from it.

    Now regarding your coworkers talking shit behind your back.
    It happens, most often times work is boring so people will gossip out of boredom... So do not take this personal and do not hold any grudges.
    Also remember us men get hurt by women, we fall for them and make fools out of ourselves. I have and now so have you, so remember you are not the only one.

    My last suggestion, take work serious and keep it PROFESSIONAL. Its not a place to date or find girlfriends. This will die down and a new gossip will arrive at work, it will be in the past eventually.


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