My ex keeps texting and calling to meet after he broke up with me?

My boyfriend broke up with me few days ago coz of my bitchy attitude and we got into an argument a week ago
He said he had enough and thinks its not working out between us
He did this over the phone
This was our second break up
The first break up he did it in person because he couldnt handle my anger and how i used to always ignore his messages and calls and hang up on him all the time
Anyway, he called me the day he broke up with me.. he wanted to say that he felt bad for breaking over the phone and it was harsh.. and wanted to talk in person
So during these past few days.. he kept texting and calling to confirm about the meet up to talk
We decided to meet tomrrow.
Why do u think he keeps confirming about tomorrow?
If a guy lost feelings and doesn't care anymore, would he even bother?


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  • you'll have had several breakups in the past that doesn't mean relationships do not work like that but you two need to sit down and ask each other where do you see yourself going in this relationship. What you would like him to work on and visa versa. If you don't see compatibility its time to move on. The back and forth of a breakup isn't healthy you only get back with a person if you see changes occurring


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