I'm going through a difficult situation. What shoul I do?

Hello! Three days ago, my boyfriend broke up with me saying he wanted to take a break, after 9 months of relationship. It was a long distance relationship. He said he isn't happy and i wanted to know the reasons, i want to fix our problems. But he said he doesn't have any reason and that it's his fault. I reacted with anger and from a break he said at the end that we will have a break up. Also, he said our relationship doesn't feel like his previous one, it doesn't feel right, he wanted some space to think about things. Few days ago everything was fine.. He said at the beginning that everything will be fine and still wanted to talk to me everyday. I don't know why he changed so fast.. Maybe he has someone else? I asked him if he has someone else and he said no, and that i will not lose him. I see him always online on facebook, i blocked him and then unblocked him.. I ignored him and during our break up chat i told him some bad things like: to never talk to me again.. He was sad. What should i do? I want to know if he is fine. It's our second break up.. On the first one he broke up with me because i was cold, i'm a cold person but i love with all my heart.. He came back to me because he missed me.. I love him so much, he was my first everything.. Thank you for reading everything i wrote. Sorry for my English. It would mean so much for me if you would give me some advice :)
Have a good day :)


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  • You don't deserve a boyfriend. You deserve to be single.

    • It was my first relationship :(

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    • What can a person do to be relationship material?

    • Not be shallow and date perfect people only.

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