Does he still care?

I met a guy at my friend's party. We were hugging and finally we kissed. The same night he added me on facebook but never texted so I did. I asked about my bracelet and I thought that our conversation will continue but we have never texted again. Some weeks later I met him in a shop, he looked at me but didn't say anything. It's been almost 4 months and we haven't talked or texted and I still think about him and every time I see him my heart starts to beat a lot faster. What should I do? Should I text him or just give up on him?


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  • I think you are in love wid that guy. Go and tell him.

    • I think I'm in love with him too. I think of him even when I go out with different guys. But I'm too afraid to tell him about it especially that at the beginning I was so shy (the next day when I saw him, my friends came to him but I didn't and I was acting like I don't see him). And I think that I have been a little toy for him: (

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    • See, he is interested that's why he followed you

      Have a patience dear, you will be surprised with his moves soon.

    • So have you tried to contact him?

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  • That's exactly how I act when I like a girl. I don't speak to her that much even If I want to I just can't. Believe me if he replies your messages and all that shit he is surely into you. Go and tell him that you love him not all boys are outgoing and confident ☺️

  • give up

  • I think he does not care you.


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