What should I say to my ex?

So, my boyfriend and I broke up 3 months ago because he really just needed to work on himself and he didn't feel he could love me until he figured himself out, which I honestly feel like was a legit answer. We met up a few days ago so I could get a textbook from him for free and he really seems like he has got his life together. He quit smoking pot which was a huge problem in our relationship, and he also is really dedicated to school now. Honestly, not what I wanted to hear because that just brought up a lot of old feelings about stuff. I honestly want to tell him that I still have feelings for him, because I really just don't know how being friends is working out right now for me... Any advice on if I should do this/just advice in general?
So, a day after I posted this he got deployed to help with hurricane Irma and he won't be back for 3 months...


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  • No and yes... Feel him out first. See how he feels his life is going. If good... By all means go for it.

  • Be honest lay it out there...


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