Was I doing the right thing for my son?

About a year ago I broke up with my ex fiancee whom I have a son with who is now 2 and a half, after the beginning of the break up we had reached a deal (verbal agreement as to custody etc.) And I was able to hold that up for a few months, until I reached a time that I could barely keep my own stomach full on a regular basis. At that point I told her that I couldn't watch him anymore and laid out the reasons for so, she seemed to grudgingly agree. Now my situation is drastically improved, I am able to take care of my son again, and now she is holding the time I missed because of my situation, against me (mind you by her choice she moved an hour away and I didn't always have a phone, so it's not like I was able to "regularly visit or ask for pictures daily")


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  • Hard to say, depending on how serious was the reason why you couldnt see or spend time with your son. Either way, its not too late to fix things and make the right decisions.
    Its what you do now that matters, not what happened before.

    • But as I said I am trying to do the right thing now, ad she's holding that past stuff against me

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