What do I think of his request of a break?

k so the guy I love to death said 3 days ago "we need a break hun" I broke down and so did he but he said "i just need some time" and he told me he still loves me...then yesterday the only thing he's said to me was "i miss you and love you hunni bunni" what do I do. I want to get back together and he said maybe we will the day he said we need a break. do I give him time?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Haha, hunny bunny. Anyway, you should probably give him some time. You don't want to smother him; or else, you'll lose him forever.

    • Thanks. ya he's a little cheezy but that's y I love him. should I just wait for him to come to me?

What Girls Said 1

  • You love him to DEATH!? That may well be the reason why he needs a break! I'm sure you're nice and all, and that he loves you, but try not to smother him with your lovin'


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