Age old question: Should I text my ex?

Broken up about 6 months ago, finally free from the "bad phase", exercising, going out and meeting people, so i'd say i'm mostly healed.
I'm moving away next week and i just want to say goodbye to my ex, who i've had been together for 2 years, we had an abrupt breakup, full of anger, didn't get to properly say goodbye, did NC for the whole of the healing process, haven't talked at all or seen each other. Miss hear dearly but not enough to get back together. Just want to make sure she's ok and say goodbye.

TL, DR: Don't want to get back together at all, just want to wish her farewell properly

+1 y
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Decided it was for the best I didn't contact her, it's a very emotional time for me and I can't risk stressing myself out, maybe sometime in the future I'll talk to her again, maybe not. She's not my responsabilty anymore, although I still care for her, My emotional wellbeing comes first.
Age old question: Should I text my ex?
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