What does mean?

My girlfriend told me today she wanted a bit of a break as she's dealing with a lot of shit and her her ex as well. What does mean? she hasn't openly said she wants to break up with me and she mentioned she needs to love herself before loving someone else?


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  • So you the rebound? Let her go and let her figure her stuff out and don't just take her back easy if she ever comes back. Love yourself too. She still hung up on her ex. She's thinking of him while she was with you. Think about that.

    • Yeah, she said she was through it was only that she was having family problems and still fighting with him (to leave her alone)

    • Thanks for the MHG. Hope you got your stuff sorted out. All the best :)

    • Thanks, hopefully shit will work out for us

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  • It means you have about 0.3 seconds to get your shit together and/or make some major changes or you'll be single.


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