Why is it so awkward around my ex-girlfriend?

I recently (and not often) ran into my ex. We grew up together/went to school together for a long time. We dated for about a month but I never had any feelings for her. I'm going to marry the love of my life and have no regrets about it. My question is, why is it still so awkward around her? We were never intimate, we never even did more then kiss and I do not miss her at all, but why do I still feel so weird around her? I do not want to talk to her and I really don't want to acknowledge her presence. She genuinely seems happy for me and my wife, yet I still feel weird around her. I don't know why it's weird and I do not want it to be. Why is this?


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  • I am curious too, because my ex boyfriend was super nervous and awkward around me when we first met after the breakup... I wonder if he still had feelings.
    In your case maybe you feel guilty about something or you need a closure?

  • you still have some feelings


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