What are ways to get over your ex straight out of a relationship?


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  • First, deal with the pain and learn to accept its over. Cut all communication with them. Coz when you still have some contact with them, it just delays the process of getting over them and moving on. Friendship isn't an option for now. You can maybe later when you're totally over them. Do not sleep with them. It may be hard at first but once you are able to establish that, the pain will subside. Keep yourself busy and work on yourself. Do new things or the things and people you used to chill with or neglected while you were with your ex. Make yourself super beautiful. Attract new people who will appreciate you but don't go on rebounds until you ready for a new man. Enjoy life. Not everyone you lose is a loss.


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  • If you really loved them, that's going to be hard. But the best way to get over someone is to distract yourself. Do as many fun things as you can. Focus on your hobbies and things that make you happy. Go outside, meet people. Getting over someone takes time, no matter what you do, so you might as well spend the time having fun. Good luck! Cheers.

  • Learn new skills
    Keep yourself busy
    And most importantly keep him hidden from you.
    If you really wanna get over him make sure that he doesn't come before your eyes in Person, or in text or not even on your timeline
    Because believe me if you can stop interaction with him for a very long you'll surely get over him.


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