I still love my ex but it isn't going to work?

After 3 years of being with him, and it now not working we aren't together anymore.
We don't want to let each other go, but even I know it isn't going to work anymore.
I'm seeing him tomorrow because we arranged to do so, as we're in some sort of half relationship half friendship thing (not friends with benefits as we're not having sexual intercourse).

I don't want to have to cut him out but I feel I will never feel better if this isn't secure which it never will be especially since I'm going to uni and he's still in college.
I have also been asked on a date by another guy.

As much as I love my ex and will find it hard to say goodbye, has anyone got any ideas of how to fully get over him after i've seen him tomorrow and how to let go even tho the love is still there. I just need him to accept it like I have to.

I don't want to go into the break up reasoning (unless u specifically need details dm me) because it's rather complicated.

Help appreciated.


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What Guys Said 2

  • All things end and so begins another chapter. Clean and open breaks always best. Denial slow long road just wastes lots of time..

  • You need to move on. You will need to. To help yourself x


What Girls Said 1

  • Cut communication off right away. Rip that band aid off. Don't go push pull. It's only going to hurt more and prolong the agony. It's hard but you have to.


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