Date someone who thinks you suck at everything?

This is extremely annoying! I go out bowling, playing pool, shuffle boarding, mini golfing, play games and video games at home. I enjoy the experience and fun with my boyfriend and his son. Trouble is I'm not really "good" at any of it. I'll win a few games I'm not really there to win. For some reason I've noticed that my boyfriend tells me I suck at EVERYTHING! Whether jokingly, or not I just want to have fun and it puts a damper on things. I told him not to say that and he just switched to gloating when he wins. We played pool and I won 2 and he won 3. Only mentioning the games HE won.. some excuse for why I won the two I did.
This has turned into a rant. My apologies and I really hope you all can lend some support or advice on the issue. Thanks in advance.
Date someone who thinks you suck at everything?
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