Being possessive on a girl is bad or not ?


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  • I am going to go with bad, that kind of behavior can escalate and become problematic. usually there is an underlying reason someone is possessive.


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  • Being possessive over a girl can be done in two ways... you either draw a boundary that works on both of you not just her on what to do and not do. Aslong as she remains within those boundaries i wouldn't bother a bit and spend my time enjoying being with her rather than creeping around her chats or clothes and telling her no and no. The other way is the dominance way of her being your slave which non like... and non will do... being possessive kight show love but remember that she's a human just like you she has feelings and desires don't supress her... be with her that would have her fall for you even more and stay within the boundsries you drew for both of you. Seeing you care and showing her thst you trust her would have her not cheat and be more loyal. Except if you know... she's already a cheater then her personality prints doesn't fits love

    • Wow. Thanksss buddyyyy 🙏🙏

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    • Nah i am not the latter type. i am not the 5 senses human being to not respect others feeling. My possesiveness is out of love. Not to enslave someone. But the way you explained and ideology are good. Thanks

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  • It depends

    • Ellaborate please

    • To some extent a girl who is possessive and wants to make sure the guy is loyal or with him it shows that she cares about him and she really wants the guy in her life. The issue is some take it to the point where a guy cannot do anything without having to fight her about it that's when it becomes bad.

    • Ok cool. I can understand your opinion

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