Lost in love can't stop thinking?

One night turned I to four years so I was dati g this woman for four years but wasn't suppose to be a relationship and I had no choice to tell her I loved her she told me to leave I did git another girl pregnant and she called me and told me she loved me wanted me back but damage done so we still saw each other for a year after then she told me I had to go be with the other woman be there for my daughter so I went and I can't get her out if my head I want to be with her and it's another four years later I can't stop thinking sout her but I messaged her and she told me to not message her anymore what should I do


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  • Thats no return fucked up situation, and its mostly her fault.

    • And now every time I try to be in a relationship all I can think of is how there not her

    • Man u got urself into some real shit here... What about your daughter and her mom?

    • Ya best friend still but not together lol

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