Im 42 years old. is there a life after 40 if ur single? why is it so hard 2 find a good woman?


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  • It's not hard to find a woman. You have to go out & meet them. Plus, if they're only into useless men, it doesn't say much about their standards, so why worry about womem who compromise their standards? If you want to speed up the process, integrate standards for yourself & eliminate the women who you feel are wasting your time or not showing you enough interest. Women will respect you more. Your life is far from over. It's the appropriate age to get married. 👌:)

    • thats just it. how can i find one now. im old. every woman i try with seems 2 be crazy

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    • u seem like an interesting person. ise like to follow ur read and be friends if possible.

    • i appreciate u sexy

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  • A lot of people think those are the best years, even the prime of your life.

    For me, I think my 30s were my best years. But my 40s were probably my second best decade. I'm 61 and my life has actually been getting better in the last few years.

    I lost interest in it myself, but I have plenty of friends who are still actively dating. The women are out there, you just have to find them. Some of my friends use the online dating sites. You hear a lot of bad things about those sites from younger people. But the older guys seem to do quite well. Maybe because the older crowd is more serious with less game playing.


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  • Yes, there's a load of divorcee talent out there, waiting to find you. It's harder to find people as you get older but keep trying.

  • Yes there is. I just met the love of my life recently and we're head over heels. I've fallen for her like Napoleon did Josephine


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