Why do I feel guilty about sleeping with someone else when I got dumped?

I got dumped, slept with someone else and now my ex wants me back. I love him and would want to get back with him but I was convinced it was over now i feel everything is more complicated. I don't know what to do. Help?


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  • Because you were hurt and you wanted to show your boyfriend take that sometimes we do stupid things sometimes who knows that could have been the right thing did it feel good did you learn anything you have to take the positive from it and learn from the negative

    • I just feel like an idiot.
      We were together 6 years :/ he broke my heart completely.
      He has told me to move on and not wait around but only just told me he will want me back after he's had time to be alone. I feel like a whore now but done it with the intentions of helping me get over him and stop feeling so lonely.

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  • Do nothing. If you want to get back with him that's fine.

  • Don't get back with him, Think about a merry-go-round of pain and suffering

    • what do you mean?

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    • When we love someone we tend to give all of our self to them. So when they leave us, they take all of us too. That's why we're hurt and broken. Guess what? We survive. It's his loss now.

    • Indeed men go through this too

  • Guilty about "cheating" on your ex, or guilty about using some other guy for sex just to make yourself feel better? How long ago did you break up? How long ago did you have sex with the other guy?

    • well its not cheating is it if he broke up with me and i am single.

    • he told me he didn't want me. Told me multiple times to stop waiting around for him and move on. That he wants to be alone and can't put a time frame on how long it will last. I was with him 6 years and he does this to me.

    • How long ago did you break up? How long ago did you have sex with the other guy?

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