Possible Ex girlfriend reaching out for reconciliation. Mixed Signals?

Was with my ex girlfriend (both 21) for 3 years. The last half year I got into a terrible rut in the relationship and became very lazy and complacent. I really thought she would never leave me. I hurt her by not trying in the relationship like I should have. I begged and pleaded after the breakup, but went no contact pretty quickly.

1 month after no contact she text me to ask if there were any ill feelings and to wish me well with my senior year of college. I relieved her guilt telling her I have no ill feelings.

2 weeks more of no contact and she text me, and attempts to call to tell me she honestly misses me a whole lot and that she does not feel like she made the right choice. She says there are things she messed up on too and that she should have communicated our problems better. She said she wants to talk about us and not dive into anything and I asked for time and haven't texted her yet. (4 days)

Meanwhile... I'm conflicted because on her twitter she has not stopped retweeting things about terrible boyfriends, ones that take girls for granted. "Got to learn to stop being so nice that SO walk all over you" and she posted after our convo that she "didn't realize life was so great until now". Seeing all this stuff makes me not want to talk to her as I only want to reconcile if we can leave the past in the past and work on rebuilding a new relationship.

Does her social media display what she really feels about me? That I was some huge mistake and she could possibly not actually want to work this out. I don't know if I want her back or not due to seeing these things
Possible Ex girlfriend reaching out for reconciliation. Mixed Signals?
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