How can I move on TEMPORARILY?

Me [16] and this guy [19] have a long past. We talked about a month ago and he practically admitted he still wants to marry me because he did when we were dating. But he's in a long term relationship which I think from his perspective is going badly. I don't want to worry about his relationship and I don't want to be with him right now, but I want to when him and I have both matured enough to be able to fix the problems we had when we were dating (trust issues, clinginess, etc)

I really do want to spend the rest of my life with him and it isn't in a lustful way nor is it infatuation I just honestly would do anything for him and I've felt this way for two years. When we were together said he wanted to have a family with me and marry me and that he was in love with me and never felt this way about anyone before and I did not take his virginity but I took a lot of his "firsts"

How do I move on right now, but still leave room for a future together?


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  • Keep in touch, maybe its meant to be ...

    • But he has a girlfriend and even if theyre in a failing relationship I can't try to step in he has to come to me because I'm not gunna be the one to try and break them up. his sister is my best friend so I will always have a tie to him, which makes a future relationship more possible, but I don't know what I should do for the time being. I think eventually him and his girl will break up and we'll cross paths but until then...

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  • It would seem a strange thing for him to be in a long term relationship and at the same time consider wanting to be marry you in the future. People change as time moves on. He is committed elsewhere and you are biding your time to when he is free and hoping he will come back to you.

    He has moved on from you, if he wanted to be with you, he would be. Just cos he said he wanted to marry you and have children with you, was when you were together, the same cannot be said of now.

    You cannot move on 'temporarily'. You either move on or stay where you are, hoping that he will come back to you. You are still young and have a whole life in front of you. You say you sorted out the problems that made you break up. Was the trust issues on his or your side? The clinginess, is a sure sign of insecurity, as is being needy.

    The best thing for you to do is to move on with your life. Go out with friends, have fun, meet new people.

    • He didn't trust me and I didn't trust him. He was more jealous but I was more clingy.

      I knew someone would say this but he talked to his sister about how its easy to have feelings for someone ou were wiht in the past. she is in the same situation as I am, she wants to marry this one guy but she's dating another because she knows theyre not mature enough to date right now and her brother thinks it will happen in the future even if she is dating someone else.

      i don't know if that makes sense

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  • I believe in all honesty.. You shouldn't be waiting for him if he have a girlfriend now...


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