Girls, Why is my ex wife texting me pretending to be someone else?

I won't ho into details my ex wife is texting me as someone else. This has been going on, and off for over a year now. She left me in our marriage, and i moved on along time ago. I dont answer back, or i play stupid saying who are you looking for?, or you have the wrong number. When will she leave me alone?


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  • If you truly don't want anything to do with her and have no kids to cause ties than you can do 2 things...1.) I would once and for all tell her something as simple as you have decided to move on and hope she can do the same 2.) Don't say anything and change your # and she will eventually get the hint.. If you do 1 she will finally see you are truly moving on the reason why she keeps txting you is maybe because she needs closure even though she broke up with you she can feel she wants to tell you sorry for that and who knows what's going on in her mind but her persistence is because she really wants to tell you something.. I would not meet her just by text messaging/phone call.. but let her share how she feels after that you can change your # she will eventually get the hint.. but if you don't give her closure you have her guessing

  • Because she's jealous she still wants to know what are you doing why are you going out she's just testing you beware


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