Why does an exboyfriend that has stayed in contact not respond when a girl politely cuts him off especially when he was the dumper?

I've been in contact with my exboyfriend that broke up with me b/c he didn't feel I showed my feelings enough. At times, he's initiated contact with me especially when I don't contact him for awhile. I told him that we couldn't be in contact anymore b/c it stirs up mixed emotions and makes me feel we're not done and keeps me from moving on. I told him that I was disappointed that it didn't work out but I respected his decision and wouldn't contact him and ask that he not contact me unless he changed his mind and we we're going to meet to see if something was still there b/c it holds me back. He didn't respond. I went back online and he tries matching with me. I didn't match with him nor have I contacted him. Why does he ignore my text about ending contact and not at least say "okay" and then try to match with me? Doesn't make sense. I'm sticking to NC.


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  • He was the dumper, why should he respond to her? Even if at some point he wanted to stay in touch, it still would make no sense.

    • To a woman, it's immature when a guy doesn't respond. I'm just curious if he's not responding because he's pissed off that I'm cutting him off. To me if he really didn't care, then he would respond but by not responding it just comes across like his pissed off. I'm just going to take the high road.

    • I'm uncertain of his intentions and therefore I can't say. Perhaps he's irresponsible/immature, perhaps he's just mad at you for some weird reason. Either option is equally viable for a man.

  • He knows he fucked up but as a guy he can't admit that

    • Yeah he did fuck up and I'm tired of his bs, which is why I cut him off. Thank you.

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