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GUYS I REQUEST YOU TO HELP.. PLEASE READ THIS. there's this guy in my college whom i like and even he likes me. I being an introvert have very less friends and he has become someone I'm very close. Few days back I asked him what next and he said I don't know maybe we can't be together because of our courses. He's not wrong I understand but I can't lose him. He has become very important in my life I just don't know if our friendship is gonna get ruined. He also said he will not date anyone else if not me. I'm really disturbed and upset I don't know what to do.. PLEASE HELP


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  • You seek a long term relationship. If so, then there are hurdles to cross. Treat this like the first one. If courses are potential blocker to relationships, they would have stopped the colleges (I guess that what you meant by courses). Byt they haven't. What does tgat tell ya?

    • I want a long term relationship and I think even we. What should I tell him/ask him?

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    • Thank you so much. To be honest I really needed something like this. Thanks a lot.☺

    • Glad to be of some help. I made the mistake. I know. Sadly enough, I didn have guysaskgirls back then ;) ...

  • Very rearly dose a friend ship last after a break up.. Make he's with u for the rite reasons.. Be honest and ask him, (hint) if he avoids or vers off from the question, he's hiding something..

    • We are not dating but really close friends. by the way what should I ask him?

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    • I'll try. It is because I really do not want to lose him it would be really tough for me

    • U just have to take the chance.. The heart want what the heart wants.. If u do or dont tell him after this conversation I peomise, u will know what u are made of.. I think you'll the rite decision..

  • why u two can't be together because of course?

    • Because of the timings and lectures after college (LAW STUDENTS)

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