The Guy that got away, what can I do?

He's 26 and I'm 23Me and this guy talked from Sept 2015 till December 2016. We went on LOTS of dates. He wanted to make it official but I kept telling him that I wasn't ready. He told me he loved me and everything. He repeatedly told me he wasn't talking to anyone else. And I assured him that I wasn't either. But he pulled away at the end because he wanted something serious and I still wasn't ready. (I want to clarify. I was ready to date. But not to get serious. I had previously been in a 3 year relationship and he passed away. That's how the relationship ended). But I never told this other guy about it because I wasn't ready to talk about it. It's been 9 months since we've talked and I see him everywhere. In college. At the supermarket. At local shows. Etc. and it Kills me because what if we were meant to be but I messed everything up? I saw him at a local concert today and he was sitting way behind from where I was and he randomly passed by and then turned right around. It looked odd. I know he saw me. i miss him. And I still have him as a friend on Facebook and Snapchat and he watches my snaps. But what can I do? I want him back. 😔


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  • Just recently I had my heart broken.. I mean she did a real number on me. so I moved out when she was at work. She went so far as to put a tracker on my phone without my knowledge, after I moved out.. I missed her after I moced she would tell my she loves me.. I found out I wasn't only guy in her life. I was crushed... . But my father always told me, if u love someone, let them go. And if they return, they belong to u forever...

  • Just talk to him, I'm sure he wants to talk to you too, which is why he still watches your snaps.


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