Why do guys run away if they know that evry guy wants you except them and you want no other guy except for him?

i want to understand this cause he's killing me and im trying to fix it or crack the code


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  • Well, if every guy wants You, then that one might be running away because he is not sure You actually want him in particular - even the most confident men may get a bit insecure if they don't see some interest on the other side - that being said, I don't know how your relationship looks and how both of you behaved towards each other.
    Other possibility is the guy may actually not want You so he runs away not to give you false hope.


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  • Why would you assume that just because every guy wants you, he would also?

    Everyone has their own preferences. With guys, generally it us about looks. Very rarely some guys go for personality more than that. He probably is one of that guy, and he is not into you because your personality does not match with his.

    • well it did for almost a year

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    • thanks i need to be more patient

    • I hope everything falls in place for you.

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