Can you trust your friends? I feel like I can't.

Just realize that I can't open myself to my friends and just feel like I don't have any friends that I can't trust and open myself...

That's so sad.

Will I ever find real friends? How?


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  • I went through the same thing. One of my ex best friends I told her EVERYTHING but I found out from my guy best friend tht she told him lies and wht not about me. It turned ut she was jealous of him. I'm not friends with her but still best friends with the guy. Sometimes its easier to have guy best friend. sometimes now. it all depends. But once you can realize someones tru personality and tell your own you can findother great friends easyer. Don't tell any friend your secrets yet. Wait and look at how they tlk to others and see if they gossip and wht not first. You can mostly tell if you watch how thy tlk with others.


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  • It's good to have friends you can open up with to a degree, and perhaps to a large degree is some calculated cases, but if you ever feel like you can just flat out trust any person enough to open up completely with them, then you should be very afraid because you're about to make a big mistake.

    • No nothing like that I thought I could open up with my good friends that I know for 9 years

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  • Some people find it hard to trust others. I believe it's just normal. It might be helpful to talk about stuff that you wouldn't normally tell your friends to complete strangers. That way, they wouldn't be biased about you and you wouldn't think that they are judging you.

    But if you really want to find that BFF that you are looking for, I would say just jump in and trust that person to be there for you whenever you need her/him :)


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