I broke up with my girlfriend now, what should I do to forget her fast and do you think it was stupid of me?

I try to make it short.

I broke up with my girlfriend of 8 months now.

Before i got together with my girlfriend i crushed on her a lot for 1 year but in the first 3 months i didn't had time to try to get to know her because of a family problem, so in the next 9 months i used to get to know her better. We spend then the next months together as great friends and got to know each other so well, i noticed she started to like me too because she got very touchy with me and god she flirted a lot. So after 7 months i asked her on a date and it was perfect after many other days iwe got exclusive. She told me that she also crushed on me a lot before we got together, even longer than me, she says she liked me for more than one year but was to shy to approach me and was very happy when i did it.

But now i found out that she had a fwbs relationship for 8 months before i asked her out. So she fucked this guy almost daily, even then when we went to dates she went home to him, when i used all my effort to get to know her she went to him to blow him some. When i first kissed her she was later at his place. And who is this mysterious fwbs? Oh, great, the guy who bullied me all the time in my college class.

Because i am very bad at holding speeches and got fucking nervous at it and one day at a important presentation of mine i got very bright red in my face and since then he used me as his target and brought my class against me.

And this guy fucked my girlfriend every single day.

I lost all my respect i had for my girlfriend, after i heard it i started hating her the same way i hated this guy. Girls here will probably say that she choosed me in the end but it was probably the case that the guy didn't wanted her anymore and left her for me.

Now thats the reason why i left her. Now i am very heartbroken and depressed cause now i know that no matter how sweet and innocent someone seems she is probably nothing more than a slut.

Did i do wrong with my decision? How can i move on from my feelings for her?


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  • My question is when she was seeing this other guy. Had you two made it official yet.

    • No. As far as i know she stopped the day i made us exclusive.

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    • If i really wanted to end it with her? I deeply regret it from the bottom of my heart that i didn't saw what kind of human she is and that i wasted so much time, money and emotions on her. I regret it that i didn't end it faster.

    • Ok. Well like I said just focus on what makes you happy. Sorry if I wasn't any help. Have a good day (:

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  • Hey this is a normal occurrence in our daily lives, Personally I would be fuckin angry and I don't blame you for the route you chose. The best thing to do is not harbor hatred this is very important. As a person you should grow tougher more aware and don't be afraid to trust and love again. If you got out if this without a sickness or infection then it's almost all good. You must gather yourself and it's been eight months if you're venting here about it hopefully you got a load off of your mind all you can do is try to find someone worth your time and you should start with casual dating. As a male in your current position don't be afraid to keep your options open.

    • How can i prevent finding someone like her? Someone who dont do these incredibly gross shit like ons or fwbs?

    • You see you can't prevent it people do what they want but not everyone will be like her that's a promise. There's so many good people on this Earth both men and women. Just don't ever feel like you're going to always go through this otherwise you will always be unhappy.

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  • No u did the right thing. First would be delete any contact with her and focus on the things that make u happy and just simple delete her from ur life but take ur time cuz time will heal ur heart.


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  • Yeah, I think I would leave her too. Not into kissing her good night only to taste someone else's cum. Just delete all pictures of her, remove any items at your place from her or that remind you of her, delete her contact information and block her on social media and your phone.

    • Its completly gross, seems like girls are really disgusting nowadays... My ex girlfriend really looked like if she never even kissed someone, she had this innocent look and vibe around her, but then something like that...

      Unfortunately i already deleted and threw away everyone which proves that she existed but i am someone who when he likes someone he likes them for a very long time...

  • You should hate fuck her, treat her like a complete whore, record it ( make sure she knows) send it to bully and say he needs to step up his fuck game!

    • You know, now that i know what kind of a woman she is i couldnt even get him up anymore so it wouldn't be possible to do it.

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    • Some times I have good ideas...

    • Like I said@asker you are rare indeed but not every woman will feel that way, Some will probably just want sex just for the sake of sex whether you would approve of that or not is completely up to you. I don't know why she would do what she did to such a nice person but all of our brains work different.

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