What should I do to move on?

I had a relationship with my ex for 2.5 years. What should i do to forget bout him? He was my first boyfriend.


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  • I spent a whole year and four months drowning myself in self pity over my first girlfriend who I was with for 2 years. What I did was I talked to girls and became even better at it than I was before her and slept around (fwb kind of way with all of them) with a handful of them inside of a couple months. Huge confidence booster. After two months of feeling good about myself I forgot entirely about her and I ended up finding a girl I really liked. That girl and I were together for 3 and a half years until she left me for some douche. We had problems toward the end but not that big of problems. Anyway, we've been broke up since Thanksgiving and I still think about her sometimes, but it was easier this time. After about a month I moved on and again started sleeping around. I'm rambling but you get the point. Heartbreak + time = eventual happiness. If you don't choose to follow my footsteps then do something like going to the gym very regularly or hanging out with friends or doing whatever you love can help you move on quicker, purposefully occupy your mind with other things and it'll get better.

  • Make a new one... Most easy way... Either surround ur self with many people so that u get so much busy that u don't have time to think about any shit

  • How long have you been separated? Initially, it is okay, perhaps even good to be sad. Let your emotions flow, don't bottle them up. This could be a week or a month. Once you've spent some time getting your emotions out, fins something else to do. This doesn't mean find a random guy and start dating him. That's unhealthy. Instead, focus on hobbies, or spend some time with your friends. Just find something that makes you happy to occupy your time. After some time, when you feel ready, you can start to explore new dating options if you want to. Flirt a bit, go on dates, and maybe you'll find a new boyfriend.


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