Will he regret losing me?

I spent 7 years of my life with him and last week I found out he has cheated on me several times. I was staying at his place when I found out so I packed my stuff and left. I called him today because I just felt so broken and I felt like I had to let my emotions out (very stupid idea). It has just left me feeling worse. He hasn't contacted me since I found out. I just feel like he never loved me and that the 7 years we spent together meant nothing to him. I was the "good woman" who stuck with him trough it all. I don't wan't him back but I just wan't to know if he will ever miss me or regret losing me. Sorry if my English is bad I'm dutch.


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  • You don't need to measure your worth by him missing you. His cheating is about his insecurity and unhappiness and doesn't reflect on you. He lacked the emotional maturity to break up with you and move on. You are hurting because you had the capacity to love him and let him into your life and we expect those people to do the same for us in return. pitty him and his faults but know you are the stronger person for being able to love so completely.


What Girls Said 2

  • He will regret it. Maybe not now. But later when the music has died down. Sorry to hear this. A good woman is irreplaceable.

  • Dont feel bad for letting your emotions out, you should let them out, it will help you get over it faster rather than bottling it up, allow yourself to be angry, that is normal
    Dont blame yourself ever, none of it is your fault, the problem is in him
    If it meant nothing he wouldn't stay 7 years with you
    But it doesn't matter weather he will feel bad for losing you, point is that you know your worth and you know what he threw away
    Try not to dwell on the time, but look forward
    I know its hard, but you need to be strong, its better you found out, its better now then years after...
    He is not worthy of you and you deserve better and you will get that better


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