Why did he block me but not his other exs?

Basically what the tittle says I started talking to this guy and we hit it off but then he started to seem distant, there was no communication, inevitably we would have the discussion of what to do about it and then eventually I found out he was not entirely faithful once it had been made official. but I had seen the early on red flags so I was not all that suprised. But when me and him first started talking he told me about a few of his exs even ones that had not lasted more than a month he didn't even qualify it as a real relationship and he still had them on his fb. But I beg to question why he blocked me after we had only hung out a few times and were not really in a relationship it had only lasted a few weeks. Is it because he truly had feelings for me or is it just to get over me? I'm confused why I'm the odd one out that he felt the need to block when I actually gave him no reason to think I had hard feelings towards him at all.


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  • Because u must be damn sexy to resist

    • Lol you think so 😂 I can't say that would really be the thought he had but who knows

    • I think he must have thought that u r very sexy but fucking u would led his dick not fuck others

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