What should I do when I start missing my Ex?

I was committed since 4 years. But misunderstanding leads to breakup. I m trying to overcome nd move on. But All the time i start thinking about her and dragged back to the same. What should i do to overcome this.


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  • Do something that'll get her off your mind, or hang out with your friends, and think of a moment that you were happy without her.

    • It's not that easy what u said

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    • Just do what makes you happy, just without her

    • It's kinda guys when devote their love, it's like everything connect to her... Finding a job without her memory is a tough one

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  • Make a new one so that u r busy with her and didn't miss her back...

    • I have tried. But now i m not in college or such type of environment where i can interact with girls. I have no other option left other than a social media. But on the internet no girls wanna be friendly.

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    • No dating site is helpful. I have tried almost all.

    • U will get ons... Just wait for the time.. m u will

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