Why'd I get this look from her?

First off, she knows I like her, thought she might've liked me last semester, nothing came from it.

I was sitting in my car about to leave, car already on. She knows what my car looks like. I was behind a truck so I couldn't see if there was anyone coming. I pulled out a bit to look and I saw her standing at her car door about to leave too. This was 30 min after everyone was supposed to leave. I glanced over at her (I didn't know she was there) and she was already staring at me with sort of a thinking face. I looked back at her for a few seconds then looked to see if a car was coming and left.

This fits in with last semester, when I was leaving my car to go into the building, and she was going to her car about to leave, she stared at me and I stared back at her.
I didn't mean to put this in Breakups & Divorce


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  • Im guessing it doesn't mean a whole lot, some people sometimes just zone out staring at people or into space and it can make them seem like they're giving you a weird face when they don't even realize it. I wouldn't think too much about it.


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