Ex kept saying he loved me and calling himself my boyfriend, but wouldn't he be trying to talk to me more?

Dated a guy for a few months, we became official then broke up within a week because he got scared and he is emotionally a bit everywhere which is why we broke up as he was apparently afraid he'd hurt me as he is dealing with a lot of personal issues with anger, immaturity, and everything. He said he didn't want to break up but it wouldn't be fair for him to put me through his shit right now. He blocked me on everything after HE wanted to meet up to talk through stuff. I hadn't talked to or seen him for two weeks and it was difficult because he was the one who kept pushing us to the next levels and we skipped a lot of steps.

I ran into him when we were both out with our friends at bars, he was quite drunk, and he kept telling me he loved me and it was okay if I didn't say it back - which I didn't. The only other time he's said this was during sex but I didn't take that seriously. Then he also introduced himself as my boyfriend to a few people, and he was with me all night, kissing me, etc. I take him home - I didn't sleep with him but I wasn't gonna leave him in that state and we didn't even cuddle.

The next day in person he said we should hang out (he had noticed how hesitant I was but he did leave me out of the blue). I texted him later about maybe hanging out but he couldn't (for a real reason) then I was the last to respond after an hour or so, and now I haven't heard from him. Its only been a day but he didn't kiss me yesterday and a lot of what he said when drunk is confusing plus I'm still blocked on certain social media but not on the phone-but I know he isn't in another relationship. I know people say stuff just to say it or maybe he was trying to get laid but I think that's just a lot of effort for nothing. Does this seem genuine? Should I wait for him to contact me or reach out again if he hasn't in a couple days then if there is no response just let it go?


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