How can I talk to him?

I want to talk to my ex who was a really great friend. Last we spoke we got into a fight and he told me that I should forget him. But now I want to start speaking to him again as a friend. Our friendship was the best. We know each other so well and I don't know what to do. How can I begin to talk to him?


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  • Listen you need to relax, breathe and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Time is a great healer. I'm sure you have other great friends or family members around you that you can lean on. Don't be afraid too! Keep your chin up, good luck!

  • Unfortunately you can't! He probably still has great feeling for you and won't cope well as "just friends". In time maybe you will be able top rekindle a friendship, but not until you have both put enough time and space between your other relationship. Just be patient, but don't hold out for it to be anything like it was, because it probably won't be.

    • From what I know he doesn't have feelings for me.

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    • Why are you so desperate to be "friends" with him? Are you still holding out hope for the two of you to get back together??

    • I am not desperate. Its just that me and this guy were really good friends. He was someone I could go to talk to without being scared of this or that. He would understand me but still show me the correct way. Its like if your mom says something to you, you usually think its my mom so she will say that but if a friend tells you the same thing you would listen more to that. He had never shown me a path that was wrong and my life is crashing down right now and I need someone like him I can talk to

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