Have you ever tried to get an Ex back?

Have you ever tried to get an ex back?

1. what did you do?

2. how long after the break up to get them back?

3 did you succeed or fail?

4. do you believe in saving a relationship if it meant to be?


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  • I did try. The love of my life left me abruptly to explore other options. It left me- depressed and basically with no reason to have any kind of joy in my life. Sounds dramatic, but she has no clue what she did to me. 1) I tried giving her space and doing the "friend" thing but it was way too hard. I sent an email, talked to mutual friends about how much she meant to me, etc. Even a card thanking her for being a wonderful girlfriend and spending the most amazing times of my life with me. 2) I tried for two months to get her back with no success. From trying to arrange a face-to-face talk over a dinner or an ice cream. I mean, since we decided to be friends and all. 3) Nothing worked. So I'd have to say I failed. 4) I would have died for this girl, she was my everything and what I pictured in my mind of who I've wanted to spend my life with since I was a little boy. It's now going on a year since the break-up. I couldn't take living in the city we both went to college in so I moved back to my home city to start over. It was just way too hard. I hope she succeeds in life, and I wish her the best. But she will never know what this did to me, and I hope she's never hurt as bad as I was.

    • I can relate, it almost is a year since my first love broke my heart too. Its good that you still wish her the best.

    • Damn...

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