Is this cheating?

Me and my fiance have called off the wedding three weeks before our big day. I have recently found out that on his bucks night the week before he was doing lines of cocain off strippers arses. I was very hurt by this and he did not tell me. I also found out that his friends attempted to push my family friend out of the room so he is not sure if more happened. My ex fiance never told me and now when i confronted him he said it was better than dealing with my s*** as we have been fighting. I am hurt, shocked, betrayed and disgusted. Do you consider this as cheating or think more could have happened?


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  • It's not cheating as such but it depends on weather you want to marry someone that does stuff like that

  • Cocaine off stripper arse... what do I say?

  • You do realize that your being completely unreasonable and should fully expected him to do that at his batchaler party he didn't fuck another girl so he didn't cheat and you have blown it way out of proportion


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