How many times can you call a girl before you seem desperate?

I called twice. The first time, I left a message saying I had a question for her and I'd call back later.

I waited a few hours and then called again, but still got her voice mail. This second time I hung up without leaving a message, but she should still be able to see the missed call, since it's her cell #. Also, both times I called, it rang, so I'm pretty sure her phone was on.

A day has gone by.

My friends are telling me that I should under no circumstances call a 3rd time, because that will make me seem too desperate and ruin any chances I have with her.

They say that the only thing I can do is hope she calls me back.

But I really like this girl a lot. Please advise!


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  • honestly, its hard to tell. from this, I'd say do NOT call her again. if a girl likes you, then I don't see a problem with calling around 3 times, but since you don't know, don't try it. you don't want to freak her out or make her dread you calling her. so just sit back and see what happens

    • At first I thought she did. But my 6th sense is telling me she's got cold feet all of a sudden, and I don't know why. Things were fine before and I just want to have a clue where I stand.

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    • No, all girls aren't this way. I mean, the only times it really happens, I think, is when the girl questions whether or not she should like you. The doubt on top of people agreeing with her is just a bad combination.

    • Thanks again for your perspective!

      I wish girls would just let things fall into place naturally. Who knows where the ship is going, just let it sail. No need to go hot then cold drastically.

      I guess I will just wait...and who knows, maybe she will change again.

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  • Seconding the advice already given. If she doesn't contact you, she's not interested, and your energy is better spent moving on.

  • Listen to your friends. Don't call her again. If a girl likes you, she will call back.


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