Guys, my boyfriend broke up with me and is being so mean. Why?

Okay so my boyfriend and I dated for 5 months. In the beginning he was so sweet and told me how much he cared about me. He also warned me about being emotionless, but I thought I could handle it. The week before we broke up I felt like he just didn't care about me or how I was feeling. We had three arguments our whole relationship, and they were all about me expressing my feelings. He somehow was able to make me feel bad about the whole situation. I decided to tell him one more time that I felt like I wasn't a priority in his life, and he once again made me feel bad. He got really angry and said I need to make up my mind about us, and that this whole thing is ridiculous. Well I was going to give us another chance, but he had already made up his mind he wanted the relationship to be over. Well a week went by and he sent me a message on snap while he was drunk asking if I just wanted a way out. I of course responded and told him no that I was caught off guard about the whole thing. He came back with this "I honestly don't remember what I sent, I was pretty drunk. I didn't want a way out and I felt like you deciding to give me another chance was degrading. No thanks. I don't need anything. Anyways, good day." He was my first everything. FYI I am 20 and he is 27, so it isn't like we are so immature. I just don't get why he is so rude now. Is he trying to block out his feelings by being angry?


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  • If he broke up with you, why are you still arguing with him? It's done, stop bothering him and move on.

    • He messaged me last night bringing it back up, so I responded.

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