My ex is threatening to kill himself. I don't know what to do anymore?

My ex is threatening to kill himself over the fact that I choose not to talk to him. His ex girlfriend aka best friend, contacted me after I block her, basically insulting me saying that I don't give a damn about him, and I'm nothing but a bitch, then his other ex girlfriend came into it and got on my case as well. Mind you, I live in another borough apart from him, its a really long way even when I get off the train, I come to see him even if its raining or snowing, stay long when I know when I get home I'm going to get in trouble, And he still says that I don't love him, I never did and I never will. I love him but with him keep telling me I dont, its making me give up.

From my other relationships I have always put the other guy first, until this time I realize that I got to do me, I have to love me first before loving someone else. I really do love him, I spoke about marriage, and kids, etc. With him and his two exes on my case I just backed out, He called me ass while they call me a bitch. N within the next couple of minutes, they act all friendly and then turn on me again.

i blocked all of them but on their statuses, they talking in a way that is perverted, his exes are talking about having a threesome with him. N then he tries to contact me again, saying that he'll kill himself if I don't say anything. And his ex finds out, making it seem like I'm contacting him and she trying to make him happy, and to leave him alone.


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  • The same thing happened to my brother. His girlfriend at the time threatened to commit suicide if he didn't get back together with her. It worked. He loved her so he stayed with her. That is until she found another guy, cheated on him and left him. If you believe he's serious, then you can contact one of his family members and explain the situation and your concern. If not, try your best to not get caught up in the drama.

  • Honestly if you love him stay with him if you don't then just tell him, he is probably just saying that he will commit suicide so that you will feel sorry for him and become girlfriend and boyfriend again. and tell him if he wants to you guys can still be friends.


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