Am I Reading Into Things?

We broke up a few years ago and just recently started talking again. In our talks, it’s clear she’s kept tabs on my life, knew the relationship I had and even some things about my family. But she never starts convos - it’s always on me.

She’s very close with her sister and I noticed her sister liked a recent instagram post of mine, which she hasn’t done since the breakup three years ago.

Is it just a coincidence she liked my post, or does it mean they are talking about me and that my ex still has feelings for me? I’ll be in the same town as her in a few weeks, and when I suggested meeting up at our friend’s get together she said she’d love to join. So, I’m confused as to what she’s thinking or if there’s anything to read into here.


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  • If she is clearly well informed of your life even after the break up, then yes she still has feelings for you. She doesn't initiate because she is hesitant you might not have the same feelings as her.

    • That was my initial thought but when I do initiate conversations, her responses are usually delayed. I just feel like the more I try, the sillier I may end up looking. We broke up because I moved away, not because of lost feelings/interest, and she knows I intend to move back in the near future, which is a big reason I'd like to re-consider things.

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    • so your feelings never left all this time?

    • The relationship was 3 years in college. We had issues in the end of our relationship due to being at different points in our lives. I wanted to live elsewhere and consider furthering our relationship (engage or live together) and she wasn't ready, nor did she want to move away. When I moved, we felt it was best to end things given the distance and where we we are at in that point in our lives. We've both dated since the breakup (which was 3 years ago) but both admitted we still care about each other.

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  • Ask her, no need to speculate then


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