Missed hugs and kissed?

How long does it take before you don't
miss the physical side to your marriage?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe never, especially if it is a one-sided marriage, where the romance has dies in one partner. Not something that is easy to forget and do without.

    Tractor Boy? Or is that a rude word? LOL. Must be near my home!

    • Hey don't get me wrong... coz of our kids... I go visit and i still find her the most sensual woman I have ever met.. and it kills me to be not be able to touch her lips... but u r right... the dying 15 year romance killed it for us both. Tractor boy!! U deeply wound me!! 😉

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    • That makes two of us that hate football! As my grandad says, 22 men chasing a bag of wind!

      Ever thought of a new lady? You are young enough! My mum is 43 and found a new guy after 12 years alone, after we lost our dad.

    • Aww sorry to hear about yr pops... r u trying your hand at matchmaking purchance? Lol when your age had doubled... and your soulmate has been torn from your heart... its a slippery downhill slope to baldness lol

What Guys Said 1

  • If you're a sexual and /or sensual person, I can't imagine ever not missing it. Be it in marriage or outside it.


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