This is just me venting cause I can't go to my real friends about it..

Ok so I really miss Matt. Matt isn't really my ex because we didn't date, but I don't date anyone really, just talk hang out and do stuff. well I really did like him, and at first I'm pretty sure he liked me until he hooked up with a friend if mine at a party. after that we cut things off and I tried to make it work a few times since but he always hurts me in the end. well I haven't talked to him in about 2 months but I still want to try to be with him even though he only treats me like sh*t every time. and I think one reason I want to talk to him is cause I don't like the girl he is trying to go for cause she is a skank and I always see them hanging out in public.

I don't know what to do, I can't get over him with out closer and he won't talk to me...


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  • If he treats your like sh*t every time, doesn't he deserve the skank? I don't know, this is just my thought process here. A Jerky guy goes with a skanky girl, and it leaves the nice girls and guys who like actual relationships alone, no harm done.

    I think you just need to get over him, and that just has to come in time. If he treats you like sh*t, he obviously doesn't deserve you, as you don't seem like a b*tch at all. I don't know much else to say. Someone else will come a long one day, and he will be so much better than this Mr. Matt, that you will forget all about him. Good luck.

    • Well I guess your right, he doesn't treat me like sh*t when he wants something.

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  • You're so sexy in glasses, there must be a lot of worthwhile guys looking at you. Stop looking at this Matt fool and look around you~

  • Break all contact, get rid of anything that reminds you of him and see other people


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  • Start talking to other guys! But do it for YOU. Not to make this Matt guy jealous. Dragonblood is right. Matt deserves the skank.


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