Guys, what does my ex want?

I recently ran into my ex after 7 months of being seperated. We broke up because my weight was an issue for him. When we saw each other a couple nights ago he seemed to be very comfortable around me and acted like if I was just any other person. While on the dance floor, he was never more than just a couple feet away from me -even when he was dancing with someone else (or I was dancing with someone else for that mattter). At the beginning of the night he came up to me and squeezed my arm, said hello and stood next to me at the bar. Then he kept his eye on me throughout the course of the next hour while I went around the club saying hello to other people (we would make brief eye contact from across the room). Finally, at the end of the night, I kissed another guy. Once again he was only standing a couple feet away from me and since he was keeping an eye on me all night, I can't imagine he didn't see it. However, he just kept on dancing in a big group with his buddies and eventually moved on to dancing with my three closest gal friends. Just him and my three closest friends while I kissed another guy a couple feet away. Is that normal? Does he really not feel ANYTHING for me? Or was he just trying to cover it up? Please help!


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