What have I done? How should I cope with the mistake I made today?

So long story short! I'm 19 weeks pregnant & the baby daddy & I broke up 3 weeks ago bc he got black out drunk & slept with another girl. He still loves me very much & has been trying to get me back ever since & was trying to be a family again but I won't take him back bc I know I deserve better & getting black out drunk is a turn off to me lol! So last night, we met up & had a super long talk for like 3 hours & we were being flirty & ended up making out SUPER hot & heavy. So we talked about maybe being friends with benefits. Today we met up & I had a feeling I shouldn't hook up with him but we ended up having some rough hot sex I'm not gonna lie haha & he said he still has the same feelings so he can't catch anymore! But me on the other hand, I have love for him but I don't have feelings like I used to anymore! After we had sex he was trying to get me back still & trying to cuddle & looking me in the eyes & hugging me tight & trying to kiss me! So now I do feel like I made a huggge mistake! My feelings aren't back or anything like that but I feel like I kinda lowered myself or something by sleeping with him again! It was super nice sex but i feel like I shouldn't have done that! I told him that being FWBs isn't a good idea right now (probably ever honestly lol) & I also told him that we should just talk about baby & be friends but nothing sexual or intimate! He respected that! I know he's still probably gonna try to kiss on me & get me back but I honestly don't want him anymore! I had 2 really hard weeks & this week is so much better thankfully!! Next Monday will be a month since everything happened I believe & I feel so much better & Is over the grieving stage thankfully! But how do I stop feeling bad about sleeping with him? He knows I'm serious about not taking him back tho! Or maybe not bc he STILL tries to get me back almost everyday no matter how much I tell him I don't want a relationship! Thanks guys!!


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  • It doesn't matter really that much what you do now but when the baby comes you have to make your decision because having a dad in and out of a kids life can mess them up and you don't want that just think of the baby

    • What u mean it doesn't matter what I do now? & oh noooo he won't be in & out I don't believe! He wants to be in the baby's life! I'm due in February & he plans to come to the 20 week scan & other appointments & he wants to be there for delivery & after delivery! It's just I felt bad about sleeping with him after the break up bc I shouldn't have done that bc I was really pretty much over him lol & I still am but now it's gonna take a little longer bc we had sex again! My feelings aren't hurt or anything I just pretty much feel bad for him bc Ik he still has feelings for me & I don't want him to feel like I used him just for an orgasm lol

  • You just need to accept it happened. You'll always have the bond from the baby. And just put it down to that.


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