Why is my ex acting up all of a sudden?

He broke up with me and we haven't spoken for 2 months... he blocked me off instagram a month ago, but not off whatsapp or snapchat and always views my snap story.

I posted quite a few times with a guy friend and there was never a reaction from my ex

But last night I posted to my snapstory a picture of this guy friend holding me from behind and my ex replied to it on snapchat saying 'good for you 👌(perfect sign) 😂(laughing emoji)'

He, immediately after sending that message, changed his whatsapp dp to a quote 'I choose to play stupid but trust me I know everything you think I don't. "

I didn't reply to his snapchat message , but just confused as to why he's acting up in this matter.
Any help in understanding will help me from my perpetual need to overthink and thus be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance xx
Why is my ex acting up all of a sudden?
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