Ex won't return my 3DS ($200 value), what can I do?

A few months ago my ex (26m) and I (22f) had a rough break up. Worried because he threatened suicide, I kept in contact with him (which gave me serious anxiety and panic attacks). I later stopped speaking to him because I could not handle it, ending with asking him for my stuff back.

For reference, he lives in Hawaii and I have since moved to California. August 13th I asked him over Instagram if he could return my 3DS. He replied that he would "send it tomorrow."

September 2nd I checked in, as it should take around 5 days or so for a package to arrive. He said that looking at my 3DS "didn't exactly bring good memories," and therefore he hadn't sent it yet. I asked if he needed money for shipping, or if he could drop it off at a friend's house who could send it to me. He said that money was not the issue, and he would drop it off to my friend "if he happened to be in the area."

Obviously this wasn't good enough for me so I asked him to please take care of this as soon as possible, which would be in both of our best interests. He said he'd "send it by tomorrow" (which would have been the 3rd).

Now it is September 12th and I have not received anything. I sent a message asking if he had sent it yet, and he has not replied. This was 8 or 9 hours ago.

Since I'm not in Hawaii (and won't return until 2018), I don't know what I can really do. Is there anything I can do, even?

I really do not want him to have any of my possessions. I plan to give the 3DS to a friend if and when it's returned. I feel that him keeping my property is his attempt at a power move and it is really infuriating me.

Any tips are greatly appreciated! Has anyone else had to deal with something like this? Is this amount "too small" for me to even bother with? Thank you!
Ex won't return my 3DS ($200 value), what can I do?
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