Not sure what to do or how to feel?

So my ex left me almost a year ago but we kept hanging out and sleeping together up until like 2 months ago, we stopped because I had asked her if she would consider getting back with me and she said no, so I said we can't be friends anymore until I get over her which she said she understood. We also have very regular contact because we have a young daughter together. But I can not stop thinking about her! I still love her (pretty sure she knows that). I want to message her but at the same time keep telling myself that she's already said no to getting back together so I should just keep trying to move on with my life but it's really hard, not to mention I haven't had sex since and I think abit of it is just sexual frustration and wanting to sleep with her lol. I don't really talk to other girls, I've tried but im not very good at talking to girls and they never seem to want to talk to me for more then a few days if that. It's hard because I feel so lonely aswell and just miss the simple things like having someone to sleep next to, take to dinner and go out with and someone just to do things with. Feeling really lost and not sure what to do!


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  • I would feel bad


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