She can't give 100%?

Hi guys and girls,

i have been seeing a girl for nearly 2 months it felt right she was putting in lots of effort we was both being 50/50 she would pay for surprises and offer to pay for dinner, I really felt it was going somewhere then one day last week she just changed and started becoming distant and then started ignoring messages! I text her one day asking how her day was she said she had been having a lot of stress and she had a few problems before! I made a statement of wanting to make her my girlfriend, she was telling she missed me literally a week before and calling me babe and flirting!
she replied with "right now I am not 100% committed to a relationship, I have so much going on right now with family and moving. I'm not saying it won't happen but for now the timing just isn't right if that makes sense"

after she sent that 2 minutes later she asked me how long I'm going to Vegas for and that she was so jealous?

what had happened here guys is she trying to have her cake and eat it and why would you be so jealous of something when you could of come with me but you didn't want to commit?
She can't give 100%?
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