Ex girlfriend playing mind games and jealous?

She broke up with me several months ago. She played hard mind games and I just kept my distance. When the break up was fresh, she was trying to make me jealous, always being hot and cold, and on top of that, she would always try to be the loudest of the group. I see her quite a bit as we go to the same gym.

Anyways lately she has been acting way more bizarre than usual. Whenever I talk to a girl, she always gets jealous and throws "shade" at them. She loves to stare at me and get close to my space at the gym. Also, her and her friend have NEVER liked any of my instagram photo after the break up. For the first time ever, her friend like the photo THEN my ex likes the photo.

Someone help me?
Other people have noticed that she is always looking at me and getting jealous. It's not just me.


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  • Switch gyms, ignore her, and block her on your social media. That's what I would do personally.


What Guys Said 1

  • Why are you paying attention to her? You're not together anymore.


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