Should I try to get her back?

My recently ex cheated on like sexted in which she was caught by me and she is veery abusive but she's loving kind and stuff. She used to help me out in my studies and all i used to be very much depentend on her. We broke up recently because each time she leave the place she makes up some excuse to break up and i used to beg her back but this tym agn she broke up and in wich i dint bother her but now vacations are over i srsly dont want anything affecting my studies should i try getting her back.


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  • Cheaters don't deserve second chances. If she's abusive and manipulative that makes it even worse. My advice to you is to block her on every social media and generally just avoid her. She is going to ruin you if you don't get away.


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  • Dude something same happened to me.

    Trust me when i say this it felt like im reading my own story here.

    Dude my girlfriend did it a couple od times sexting and stuffs we had a fight but Finally i forgive her.

    After that She cheated on me once (slept with someone!)
    i broke off but she literally did everything the next two months she cuts her wrist off texts me cries all day and i really mean she did everything to make me realise she was guilty and loved me a lot.

    I believed

    We came back together.

    Almost after a year of happy relationship. Things like trust and stuffs were comming back for me

    But then

    she cheated on me again.
    . and here i am devastated

    May be i was too dumb to see the early signs. And kept myself attaching more and more to her.

    Or maybe i just hung on cz i couldn't let her go of my life..

    And all of these fuckups ruined my semesters. The first breakup (cheat) ruined my final year

    And this second one i am having it 2 months before my MBA entrance rance exam..

    This was just to show you dude, make your deduction wisely

    Cheating sexting stuffs like that aren't mistakes, they are choices that one make,
    And if she makes this choice even once,

    Its in her character, she will do it again.

    Move yourself, before you finally burn yourself to an extent that you can't recover from.

    Hope this helps you, take care:)


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